Possible Egyptian Artifact Found on Oak Island




A copper alloy artifact has been found on Oak Island, Nova Scotia that may have been made in Ancient Egypt.


In the 10th season of the reality TV series "The Curse of Oak Island" in the episode called "Over the Muon", Gary Drayton and Jack Begley unearthed a copper alloy artifact with a green patina that may be from Ancient Egypt. This copper alloy piece is about two by three inches and is folded over with three separate folds. On one side there appears three Egyptian wick or rope symbols combined with Moon or Sun symbols and on the back side of the piece there appears the imprint of a couple of Sun symbols and rope/wick symbols.


pic of egyptian artifacrct scan of egyptian artifactcopper artifact

Screen shots from "The Curse of Oak Island" season 10, episode 10


The ancient piece was analyzed by Emma Culligan in an XRF machine and the artifact contained 94.5% copper, 3.35% zinc, 1.92% iron and .23% arsenic. This formula created a copper alloy object that may have been created a very long time ago. Maybe thousands of years ago?


On June 16th, 2023 I showed Dr. Zahi Hawass, World famous Egyptian Archeologist, pictures of the artifact. His response was "This is nothing." So I guess the artifact may not be Egyptian.


Maybe it is a Viking artifact as suggested by Dr. Edwin Barnhart. Anyone know a Viking expert who could identify the object?


In the 12th episode of "The Curse of Oak Island":A Lot to be Desired, a chamber was located by sonar 150 feet below ground that measures about 27 feet long by 12 feet tall. Could this be a chamber filled with Ancient Egyptian treasures left there more than two thousand years ago? We might find out later this year.


Hopefully, Gary Drayton will have a new saying in future episodes of "The Curse of Oak Island" - "Ancient Egyptian, Baby".



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