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The Zena Halpern Map is a treasure map that was drawn by French Admiral Jean-Baptiste du Casse for his son-in-law Louis de La Rochefoucauld, Marquis de Roye. On this website I will decode what the Halpern Map contains and what treasures it may lead to.


Zena Halpern Map
Zena Halpern was a researcher who discovered a treasure map that refers to Oak Island off the coast of Nova Scotia in Canada. Ms Halpern provided the map to Marty and Rick Lagina who are featured on "The Curse of Oak Island" television series available on the History Channel. Ms Halpern authored a book - The Templar Mission to Oak Island and Beyond: and believed it was a Knights Templar Map made in the 12th century which points to buried treasure hidden on Oak Island. Ms Halpern passed in 2018 before she had decoded the map that carries her name.


Admiral Jean-Baptiste du Casse

by Hyacinthe Rigaud (c. 1700)


Author of the Halpern Map
The Zena Halpern Map is a treasure map that was drawn by French Admiral Jean-Baptiste du Casse. The map is written in French and the Admiral sketched the Map for his son-in-law Louis de La Rochefoucauld, Marquis de Roye, a lieutenant-general of the galleys. Admiral du Casse was a colorful character who lived from 1646 to 1715. Admiral du Casse was a privateer, an Admiral in the French Navy, a governor of Saint-Domingue (Hispaniola) and he commanded the Spanish Treasure Fleet in 1711. Some of Admiral du Casse's exploits are documented in The Pirate Hunter: The True Story of Captain Kidd, Admirals of the Caribbean and L'Amiral du Casse.


The heading of the Halpern Map contains the following - Cette dessan pour M. francosica Rochefoucauld, un petite verre d'apprenouslatria. Which roughly translates to - This drawing is for monsieur prickly pear Rochefoucauld, a little glass of wine after our triumph. It appears Admiral du Casse was quite fond of his son-in-law and jokingly referred to him as a prickly pear and they planned on sharing a toast after lieutenant-general Rochefoucauld recovered the treasure Admiral du Casse had buried on Oak Island. We don't know if lieutenant-general Rochefoucauld ever recovered the treasure but his son had a connection to Oak Island.


The grandson of Admiral du Casse, Jean-Baptiste de La Rochefoucauld de Roye, Duc d'Anville was tasked in 1746 with the capture of Annapolis Royal on the western coast of Nova Scotia. Unfortunately, the Duc d'Anville died six days after his expedition arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia. If he planned on retrieving buried treasure left by his grandfather on Oak Island he probably did not have time to achieve that goal. Halifax is less than 50 miles to the Northeast of Oak Island.


Where is the duCasse Treasure Buried?

The Zena Halpern Map was written by Admiral duCasse, an extremely cunning and smart individual. On the Halpern Map the Admiral left three different ways to get to the treasure he buried on Oak Island around 1700. I have decoded the Zena Halpern Map and you can find an explanation on this page - treasurelocation.


Following the clues left on the Halpern Map won't lead to the Money Pit but, there may still be treasure left by Admiral du Casse. Let's hope the Lagina Brothers check the location soon.


It's possible an Ancient Egyptian artifact has been found on Oak Island. Please read a short article that describes a copper alloy artifact found by Gary Drayton and Jack Begley last year that may be from Ancient Egypt. I have also wrtitten a couple of short articles about a new theory of how and why the Giza Pyramids were built. You can find this information at




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